Ernest Ng in Penang! @Popular Mega Bookfair

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Thanks to my dear senior, Dr Hong (HAHA!), for asking me to help him get a copy of Ernest's book, or else I won't know he's coming to Penang (or even knowing there's a bookfair). The reason of Ernest coming to Penang is:
Meet and Greet! and sign your books! aw yeah~!
So, who is Ernest? He is in almost every single video by DanKhooProduction, and of course he has his own channel, Ernest Ng Bro for his vlog. To be honest, I didn't really go and search about him or anything until this video comes out, only then I looked into his stuff.

After this video, my fiance and I always, without missing a beat, will start saying no no no no no together whenever we see a security guard XD
Entrance to the bookfair
He mentioned in his fb, he never expect such a huge turnout!
Here's the man! He started the session by sharing his funny stories
Exclusive stories for those who showed up
funny stance + funny expressions + funny stories = triple funny combo!
Time to sign those books!
and of course my turn too!
So, after getting my copy of Back to School, I went to get 2 more copies of the 'red book' for myself and my senior~
Exclusive signing session~ yeah~!
Bro don't like that lah Bro~ hehe mission accomplished!
and a siao siao face
He is super friendly, super nice and of course awesome! We had a short conversation and I was mischievous enough to trick him with the bro fist snail trick that my fiance taught me (hehehehe).
one for Dr Hong, two for me~ hehe
Wishing you all the best and your books finish stock in a blink of an eye (exaggerated lol!) and come out second edition! Hope to see you again in person someday in the future~ hehe

Wanna know him more?
Youtube: Ernest Ng Bro (catch his action on DanKhooProduction too!)

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